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Saachi 2 Jars Blender

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3 In 1 Blender NL-BL-4361-BK With Auto-Clean Capability

Whether you’re looking to make a nice smoothie to start your day, or a fresh salad for lunch, the Saachi Blender NL-BL-4361 is the one for you. This product isacts as a regular blender with a plastic jar, but also comes equipped with 2 other attachments for a glass jar and mill allowing you to carry out many different tasks with this one simple appliance. The pulse function gives you complete control as to how long you wish to run the blender on high-speed and also assists in the auto-clean function when used with a little warm water. We emphasize that the auto-clean feature is only useful for a quick clean-up but a regular cleaning will still be required on occasion for a more effective job.

Quickly and easily create home-cooked meals using nutritious, whole-food ingredients. With a powerful motor and responsive Variable Speed Control to create various textures, the Saachi 3in1 Blender & Grinder allows you to simplify meal preparation-from chopping to pureeing and more-making it a universal tool in the kitchen.


  • Brand: Saachi
  • Model Number: NL-BL-
  • Type: Blenders
  • Plastic lined grinding mill
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Auto clean system
  • Variable speed control & Auto clean function
  • 4 Speed control buttons
  • Add some hot water & press the pulse button to auto clean the blades
  • Plastic jar incorporate large amount of fruits and vegetables
  • Ultra-sharp serrated blades
  • Crush and blend to perfection with these incorporate large amount of fruits and vegetables
  • Long-lasting, ultra-sharp blades
  • Easy cleaning with detachable blade
  • Grind wet and dry ingredients
  • Plastic lined grinding mill: suitable for herbs, spices and coffee beans
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz


•3 attachments: glass & plastic jars plus mill grater
•4-speed control with pulse function
•1.5 litres jar capacity
•Metal lined grinding mill•Colour: Black
•Stainless steel blades
•Auto clean system

•The pulse function


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