Professional Hand steam iron – available in different colors


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Product size: 35*7.5*9cm

Single weight (including color box accessories): 1.2kg

Accessories: 1 flannel brush + 1 brush + 1 measuring cup + 1 base + 1 manual

Power cord length: 1.6 meters

Water tank capacity: 100ml

Rated voltage: 110V /220V Frequency: 50/60Hz Power: 800w

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This handheld steamer works both as Steamer and Iron, so whether you put your clothes on a hanger or put them on the ironing table, Intelli-Steam™ will work both ways.

It will not just remove wrinkles but also get rid of any false odor from your clothes and upholstery.


  • Eliminates wrinkles fast: Intelli-steam™ is a powerful steamer that removes wrinkles at the touch of your hand. It’s steam direct injection technology de-wrinkles the clothes without the requirement of flipping them to the other side.
  • Three-way steaming: You can use this steamer vertically while hanging up the garment or horizontally by ironing the garment or you can go round and round with it, unlike regular irons that don’t let you press over the embroidery and difficult corners.
  • Two attachments: You will receive two different attachments for your steamer.
    The fine fluff brush cleans your delicate clothing material from deep inside and the long brush attachment cleans and fluffs woolen and flax fabric.
  • Multi-functional: This steamer will be the perfect fit for your home as it not only removes wrinkles and creases from clothes but also degerms them. Its strong steam can clean your couches, bed sheets, pillow covers, and other delicate fabrics.
  • Multi-gear temperature adjustment: Intelli-steam™ features three temperature variations:
    80°C-120°C – for ironing Silk Nylon fabric
    120°C-160°C – for Woolen clothing
    160C°-220°C – for steaming cotton or hemp.
  • Easy to use on most fabrics: This steamer is easy to operate, just fill the water(distilled/tap) compartment to a certain level (as marked) while the steamer is switched off, then turn it on and adjust the temperature control switch as needed.
    Intelli-steam™ can be used on almost all fabrics including wedding and party dresses, coats, suits and prevents any damage.
  • Ergonomic design: It is uniquely designed to be held comfortably in your hands. Also, the lightweight feature eliminates the difficulty you face while using the bulky irons.


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