Luminarc Plain White Tea, Milk And Coffee Drinking Cups 6 Pcs Set


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Product Features: 

  •          Type: cup
  •          Material: Toughened Glass
  •          Package Quantity : Set of 6
  •          Dishwasher-safe
  •          Microwave-safe
  •          Use: Can be used for coffee, tea, and other hot or cold beverages
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This mugs/cups are comfortable, practical and diverse in shape. Due to its technical characteristics and the ability to retain heat, the table keeps food warm for a long time. The surface of the mugs/cups is absolutely smooth and non-porous, as it is made of glass. Due to this, the mugs/cups will not absorb foreign odors and will retain the original color. In addition, this excludes the penetration of bacteria.

All mugs/cups undergo an additional hardening process and2-3 times more resistant to damage. In addition, usually with a strong impact,the dishes break up into a lot of light pieces, which virtually eliminates the possibility of cutting. The mugs/cups becomes more durable due to the hardening process – sharp cooling of the product heated to a high temperature.


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