E45 Rich 24 Hour Lotion 400ml


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Rich 24 Hour Lotion 400ml

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E45 Rich Evening Primrose Oil Lotion 400 ml

Detailed Description:
E45 rich 24 hr lotion provides deep moisturisation that lasts throughout the day. Formulated with evening primrose oil, known for its skin nourishing properties that help to lock and retain moisture within the skin. At E45 we don’t believe in making things unnecessarily complicated. We take the same approach when formulating our moisturisers, making sure they have everything dry skin needs to feel good. We’ve not added unnecessary colours or fragrances to our Rich 24hr range. No added colours or fragrances. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Fast absorbing. Health. Hygiene. Home. For advice contact us at: UK: 0333 2005 345. www.e45.co.uk. Best used before the end of: see back of pack. 400 ml e


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